There are three classifications for LAVA teams and programs: Full Travel, Limited Travel, and Non-Travel. Full Travel and Limited Travel teams are competitive teams put together for the club volleyball season (November thru June). Non-Travel Programs are seasonal, session-based programs that do not involve on-going team-based participation. On this page we explain in further detail what each of the classifications entail.

# – FULL TRAVEL … Teams designated “Full Travel Teams” at LAVA have a schedule the includes both regional tournaments and national tournaments. Athletes who participate on full travel teams have a significant commitment to and passion for the sport of volleyball — these athletes are looking for exemplary training and strong competitive play. Not all full travel teams will travel the same amount. Some will travel extensively (3-4 national travel tournaments per year) while others will travel to a lesser degree (1-2 national travel tournaments per year). All teams will participate in the regional tournament schedule, but the amount of a given team’s national travel will vary and depends upon its location, age division, particular team goals, and overall level of competitiveness.

# – LIMITED TRAVEL … Teams designated “Limited Travel” have a travel schedule the includes regional tournaments, but does not include any national tournaments. This includes “Red” teams and “White” teams; also, the Locals Volleyball Club (also known as “LAVA Locals”) is a limited-travel junior volleyball club for girls, operated by LAVA and based in the San Fernando Valley. Limited Travel teams offer opportunities for female athletes to access and benefit from strong training with our excellent LAVA coaches, but without the financial and/or time commitments that comes with playing on one of our Full Travel teams.

# – NON-TRAVEL … Non-travel programs are skills training and development programs, typically with one 90-minute practice per week. These programs do not include regional or national travel tournaments; there is no fixed travel and competition component for these training-based programs. Non-travel programs tend to be session-based (a certain number of weeks) and seasonal (one session per season), not team-based. Non-travel programs also utilize online registration and payment systems. There are a variety of programs available for youth and junior athletes from grades 03-09. The list of current Non-Travel offerings includes: LAVA Lite for 2nd-5th grade girls, the official youth program of LAVA, designed to introduce the sport of volleyball and give young athletes a taste of volleyball in a friendly, fun environment; Lite Plus for 5th-6th grade girls, the advanced stage of the LAVA Lite Program, adding in more complex skills and concepts for high-intermediate-to-advanced youth players; the Sixth Grade Series for 6th grade girls, a program only offered in the Summer and Fall, reserved for rising 6th graders (rising 6th = will be 6th graders the very next school year) who are looking to prepare their skills for the upcoming travel club season; the Walk-Ons for 7th-9th grade girls, for those not looking to play on a travel club volleyball team, but who wish to keep their skills up either out of love for the game or a desire to play in high school, or both; and a slew of Off-Season Camps & Clinics for 3rd-12th grade girls during the summer and fall months (June through October), a wide range of seasonal camps, clinics, and workshops.

The following paragraphs help explain what regional tournaments and national tournaments are, and might entail.

# – Regional Tournaments … Regional tournaments are a series of events offered and operated by the SCVA (Southern California Volleyball Association), the governing body for club volleyball in Southern California. The SCVA competition season generally includes 8 individual one-day tournament events between January and early June, most commonly held in Anaheim or its surrounding communities. There are seven distinct age divisions for teams: 12’s, 13’s, 14’s, 15’s, 16’s, 17’s & 18’s. For a complete schedule of SCVA tournament dates by age division, please click here to visit the SCVA’s schedule page.

# – National Tournaments … National tournaments are any tournaments outside the SCVA’s regional competition schedule as explained above. National tournaments are generally multiple-day events, not part of the regional schedule and therefore open to club teams from across the country. Most are held out-of-state. There is also one national tournament held annually in the spring at the Los Angeles Convention Center downtown. There are four possible year-end national travel tournaments, held each year at the end of June; each full travel team will attend one of these tournaments.

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