Welcome to the homepage of the Mardico Coaching Education Company, an affiliate of the Los Angeles Volleyball Academy. This page will answer questions about Mardico and how to sign up for a clinic, which can be accomplished below. Please click the question bars below or scroll down for more information.

What is Mardico?
What is LAVA?
Who is Nabil Mardini?
What Will I Learn From Mardico?
How Do I Schedule a Clinic?

Option #01 – Clinic for Coaches

Length: 3.5 hours
Enrollment: Unlimited
Topics: Variable

Pricing Options:
$700 Plus Expenses*
$950 No Expenses

*Hotel and flight

Option #02 – Clinic for Players

Length: 1-1.5 Days
Max Players: 36
Topics: Variable

Pricing Options*:
$1250 One (1) Day Only
$1750 1 1/2 Days

*No add’l expenses

Option #03 – Build-to-Suit

Length: Variable
Enrollment: Variable
Topics: Variable*

Pricing Options:
Estimate TBD

*Can be for coaches and/or players

Option #04 – Consulting*

Length: Variable
Enrollment: Variable
Topics: Variable

Pricing Options:
Estimate TBD

*Contact Nabil directly for consulting options

Upcoming Clinics

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